Monday, June 14, 2010

Maryland Governor Election Heavily Relying on Social Media

By Mitchell Schmale

As the race for governor begins to heat up in Maryland during the summer months, there will be a new political battleground in the 2010 gubernatorial race: the world of social media.

Republican challenger and former Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich and current Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley are both planning to share their political platforms and take their messages directly to voters across the state through active social media campaigns including Facebook and Twitter. Both candidates are currently working to grow their respective social media sites as they add followers and fans. The plan for both is that their arsenal of social media tools will be primed and ready to be maximized in the fall as the campaign heads down the stretch.

The 2008 presidential election made history by utilizing social media platforms to help share messages and reach voters, but this is new territory for the governor’s race in Maryland. Social media platforms were not a major part of the campaign strategy in 2006 for the governor’s race. But, the social media world has evolved quickly since then and is now a force to be reckoned with in the world of politics. It’s a free way to share messages with supporters, volunteers and potential voters during a fast-paced campaign when every day counts and during a time when political fundraising for candidates in a sluggish economy will be tougher than ever.

It’s always interesting to watch a hotly contested gubernatorial race play out in print, radio and TV over the life of a campaign. In Maryland, we can now we can add social media to the political battlefield. Let the campaigning begin.

Mitchell Schmale is the Vice President of Maroon PR's Corporate Division. Contact him at

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