Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Personality is Key

By Abby Draper

Recently, a colleague and I attend a social media workshop in DC where we were fortunate to be around some wonderful social media pros. While there were several topics covered, we noticed a theme through the morning. Whether it be advice given from a professional working for a TV or radio outlet, a manager of social media and online accounts, or even a journalist, each representative was adamant about being certain your online face has a personality.

After speaking with the professionals working in television and radio, all stressed the transition to receiving daily news through twitter and facebook. Because both sites are monitored by every news station, it’s imperative that when they report this news, they report it with a personality that varies from other outlets.

The message was the same for those who manage online accounts for their brand and clients. Most of these managers are maintaining several accounts at one time and stressed the importance of making these messages personal, while still selling the update to an appropriate audience. Maintaining a personality for a professional athlete is much different than that of a government official.

Journalists have started to rely on social media platforms as well in helping with what could be timely to cover. The journalists in attendance talked about how they pay more attention to brands with “a personality,” as those brands oftentimes will produce interesting tidbits or twists to stories they’ve already heard.

Adding a personal component to a brand allows for your audience to relate to the information you’re giving them. Whether it be about a product, a placement or an event, if you’re solely going through the motions and mechanically promoting yourself or a brand, your audience will lose interest.

Abby Draper is the Manager of Social Media. Contact her at abby@maroonpr.com

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