Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What’s In a Name?

By Mitchell Schmale

What’s in a name? Sometimes it’s more than you think, including hidden meanings, historical connections, analogies to mythological creatures and links to universal truths.

Other times, a name can be just that… only a name. Perhaps it’s just a title meant to signify nothing symbolic and allowed to develop its own special meaning or brand in the years ahead.

It’s always interesting learning how new businesses and company founders choose a name. It’s a tough decision and if all goes well, hopefully one that the company founder and future employees will live with for a long time. Some companies choose the more traditional route that may not need a lot of explanation to the general public or customers… names like Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola and General Electric. However, a younger generation of companies that have also become household names took a more creative route to becoming part of the lexicon of corporate names that we now all recognize… names like Google, Yahoo, Apple and GoDaddy.

Ever wonder where some of these names came from? Or which of these companies was almost named Back Rub? Check out what’s in a name for the origins of some of the most unusual company names in the business.

Mitchell Schmale
is Vice President of Maroon PR. Contact him at Mitchell@MaroonPR.com.

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