Friday, March 26, 2010

Should Facebook Adopt Video Chat?

By Abby Draper

A new Hitwise report on Monday proved Facebook has overtaken Google as the most visited Web site in the U.S. While this comes as really no surprise, it has inspired many social media fans to share their thoughts.

Social media consultant, Vadin Lavrusik, shared through his blog the idea of adding a video chat option to Facebook and allowing its users to communicate “face-to-face.” With the success that Skype and Google Chat have seen, Lavrusik claims adding the video chat feature would assuage the issue of having “disjointed conversations.” Lavrusik also suggests creating a mobile phone application that would allow Facebook users the opportunity to communicate with “friends on the go.”

Being a huge fan of both Skype and Google Chat, I think this is a fantastic idea. One of the most powerful concepts of Facebook is that you have the ability to connect with friends, family, clients, and other professionals who you may not otherwise be able to. Adding the video chat opportunity could only improve these personal and professional relationships by increasing the amount of face time between you and your Facebook community.

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