Friday, May 13, 2011

Off to Online in Seven Seconds

By Kristen Seabolt

Watch out Apple and Microsoft…the Google Chromebook is here…

Yesterday, Google unveiled the first “Chromebook” notebook at the Google I/O conference, and as Google VPs Linus Upson and Sundar Pichai said, “These are not your typical notebooks.”

In the new Chromebook, which goes on sale in June for a whopping $349, users completely skip the traditional computer desktop and are instantly connected to the internet browser within 7 seconds of pressing the power button. To put it in perspective, even the fastest computers on the market take at least 45 seconds just to start up.

Google’s logic behind the Chromebook– the web browser is the most important program on a computer and the average user spends 90% of their time on the internet, so why not take them straight to where they want to go to begin with?

There are several ways that the Chromebook is able to work so fast. First, when a Chromebook is turned on, it does not have to go through the steps of loading settings, managing programs and checking files because nothing saves to the Chromebook, everything is stored online. Also, the Chromebook automatically updates, so it will never be bogged down or get slower the older it gets.

In the world today, everything is expected to be instant, whether it is the news we are reading, the instant messages we are sending, or the movie we are downloading, and the Google Chromebook is no exception. From the moment you turn on your computer, the first thought you often have is “how long will it take before I am online?” In all honesty, most people are never even on their computers without being constantly connected to the internet. The Chromebook just makes it faster.

Even though I think the engineers who come up with these devices are genius, I don’t know that I will spend close to $350 to buy a Chromebook just yet. However, I am definitely anxious to see what these technology giants have in store for us next.

Kristen Seabolt
is an Associate Account Executive at Maroon PR. Contact her at

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