Friday, December 10, 2010

25 Laptops Were Harmed in the Making of this Video

By Pete DeLuca

Once again, Google is pushing the boundaries of creative advertising. Today, the company released a six-minute video promoting their new user friendly notebook, Google Chrome OS.

How is it different from the past? Well, instead of purchasing a Dell computer and spending hours to correctly set up Windows, owners of the Chrome OS notebook sign in with a Google account and (within 60 seconds), have immediate access to an entire web-based operating system. Everything is online and owners have access to a variety of features, including tons of applications and Google’s recently launched Web Store.

The focus of today’s six-minute video is to promote one of the unique features of the product – “cloud computing”.

What you just witnessed was essentially a six-minute commercial – but it didn’t feel like it. There is something fun about watching each laptop get smashed into pieces. It draws you in and keeps your attention. The content is light and Google was able to easily relay key features of their new product to an audience that devoted their undivided attention.

During the making of this video, Google destroyed 25 computers but they may have gained millions in publicity.

Pete DeLuca is an Associate Account Executive at Maroon PR. Email him at

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