Monday, December 20, 2010

“Local” Media Is Still Powerful and Gaining Momentum

By John Maroon

Sometimes in PR circles, local media is looked upon as second tier or as not having as great of an impact. There are so many reasons to disagree with this and there is a national trend towards more local coverage happening across the country.

Here are a few things that show the value of local media hits …
  1. Market To Market … Several of our clients run events and programs in various markets across the country. While they, and we, always want that great hit on a national morning show or in the NY Times, having success in key markets across the country with their respective local media outlets impacts that particular market just as significantly.
  2. Media Is Local Only If You Let It Be … As everyone knows, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are changing the way people receive and process news. As a result, when an organization, company or PR firm lands what might be considered a smaller or more local hit they, should be taking it national and worldwide by posting it on their website and placing links on their Facebook and Twitter pages. This instantly and dramatically increases the number of people who are now reading, watching or listening to your news story.
  3. Local Is In …. Last year AOL purchased…Patch is a network of hyper local websites currently in over 100 communities. According to PR Week, they are now the nation’s top hirer of journalists. As Patch grows and markets itself, its impact will only grow. The Washington Post used to be a national newspaper, and when it comes to its coverage of world affairs and politics it still is…however, the rest of the paper is very local in nature and their editors and reporters are looking for local news almost exclusively. They are noticing that their readers want more local news, local business information and local high school sports so they are filling that need.
Now this isn’t to say that we all don’t want or need the national media attention…we do! But local can be very important in the spreading of your message. The challenge now, as a PR firm, is to help your clients and their respective boards understand this and place a greater value in your local successes.

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