Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Facebook Answers Prayers for Kidney Patient

By Mitchell Schmale

A recent story in the news shows that Facebook can be more than a social networking site... For one Michigan man, Facebook proved to be a lifeline that gave him a second chance at life.

Jeff Kurze was battling kidney disease and struggling as a dialysis patient. After the 35-year-old suffered a mini-stroke, Jeff was told by his doctors that he would need to add his name to the kidney donor waiting list in the hopes of finding a kidney donor match. Jeff’s wife, Roxy, understood that this process could take up to five years to find a donor match – if they were lucky. She was afraid that this was time that Jeff may not have to spare.

Roxy took matters into her own hands and reached out through Facebook asking for any interested kidney donors with the necessary blood match to help save her husband. Her prayers – and her Facebook wall post – were answered when she received a message back from Ricky Cisco, a Facebook friend she had met only once through work.

Ricky and Roxy, total strangers other than the Facebook connection, met for coffee and felt a connection in real life as well. Ricky agreed to be a live kidney donor and give Jeff and Roxy a new life together and help them pursue their dreams of starting a family. Ricky proved to be a perfect donor match and just more than four months later, the procedure was a success.

All three credit Facebook for changing their lives forever and for proving the power of connecting with people.

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